Monday, September 16, 2013

Lots of Animals Today!

Wow, started off the 14th with visits from a moose and her two younguns in our campground!....And it just got better as the day wore on!

 We were told momma moose had just arrived minutes before we saw her and the twins.  She found a nice spot near the entrance to our loop in the campground and did not move for hours!
 As big as they are, it is easy to see how they can be missed out in a flat of scrub.
 We had to leave them to do what we had planned for the day which was to check out the Nelson Rockefeller Preserve at the south end of the park.
 Along the way we saw these beautiful male deer......
 and a bushy tailed fox
 When we arrived a the preserve, we were warned about bear on the trail from the previous day and we no sooner stepped foot on the trail when there was a snapping sound of twigs breaking and there was a black bear just off the path scarfing down the choke cherries which were growing everywhere in that area!
 After cautiously avoiding the bear, we walked on to the Phelps Lake trail to see what else we might find!

This little guy ate this pine cone like superman would eat corn on the cob.  So much fun to watch and he did it right in front of us!

 After leaving the preserve, we headed down to Jackson Hole.  Saw a lot of horses on the way.....
 Mike laid eyes on the Snake River Brewery as soon as we arrived in Jackson Hole and we had to have a beer, of course!:)

 Lots of antlers in the 4 arches at the corners of the park downtown Jackson Hole!
 On our way back we saw another moose....
 had to stop for another bison crossing.........
 In this pic the bison had crossed the road and then decided to head towards me.....I jumped in the jeep!
 As if the day had not already been terrific with moose sightings, we stopped to see a crowd of people trying to get a good view of a bull moose through the trees!!!

 After that, we saw about 3 herds of elk......


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