Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Wonder of Yellowstone is Never Ending!

A little delay in posting because I maxed out the space in my computer and needed Mikes help to move pictures to a backup drive.

Yesterday was just simply fantastic!  We drove over to the east side of Yellowstone. To Hayden Valley for, hopefully, some pics of herds of bison.  And then to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone to check out the Upper and Lower Falls and do some hiking.  Here was the morning, next post will be afternoon..

 It had rained the night before and there was a lot of moisture in the air, especially in the passes.....
Before arriving at the turn to head over to the east side we passed a meadow with this bison basking in the morning sun.  He looked very content.  Note the steam in the back rising up from some geothermal activity in the hills.

 When we arrived at Hayden Valley we were delighted to find a herd of what must have been about 300 bison spread out over the hills!

 These two young bulls were going at it for a while
There were lots of young ones in the herd....the geese did not seem to be impressed by the size of these large creatures.
 This bird has a great perch!
 Here is a baby nursing
After tearing myself away from taking pics of the bison, I took a few of these beautiful white pelicans feeding in a nearby pond.....

 Then it was down to the Mud Volcano area where, as the name implies, there were mostly mud pots and ponds
Notice the difference in color of the 2 mud pots on the right even though they are so close together


  1. I can't even imagine the number of photos you are taking each day! What a spectacular place to see.


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