Monday, September 9, 2013

Hike to Ice lake

Today we needed a good hike so we choose a hike to Ice Lake which starts at the Norris Campground. Not a difficult hike but a good leg stretch through forest, meadows and marsh, 9 miles plus.  The plus is because the trail in the marshy area was real hard to follow!  We took a couple of wrong turns.  I was hoping with all the meadow we would see animals but did not see any!  Quite a surprise.  Here is our typical day:

Upon driving into the park we always see elk and often see a solitary bison or two:

Beautiful scenery, last night it rained and there was a lot of morning mist......

 In know I take a lot of pics of this guy but he is hard to resist!

 As I said, lots of meadow on this hike, but where are the bison, elk, bear??
 What we did see a lot of were mushrooms!  They love the decaying trees burned in the 1988 fire. This one looked like it would make a meal.  It was as large as my outspread hand!

 Arriving at Ice Lake

 These mushrooms look like something else for a second;).....
 But they are mushrooms!
This is a great pic of the newer growth among the mostly dead burned trees

 Not in focus but the red tail on this Redtail caught the light nicely.

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