Thursday, September 19, 2013

Grand Encampment Museum

We left Saratoga, WY, this morning.  Crossed the 10,000 plus summit of the Snowy Mountain Range and drove down into Loveland, CO.  We will be here through the weekend visiting friends and who knows what else.  Originally we were going to drive up to Estes Park in the Rockies and go hiking but the horrible floods they have had in the area tore up the road in the canyon and we can't get up there!

We were fortunate because we drove I-25 down here and part of that road was flooded a few days ago!

While in Saratoga, WY, we also drove the the nearby town of Encampment and went to a museum there.  They had a lot of preserved buildings from the early years of the town.  There was some history, the town was built around copper, and they had some interesting things....

 This mirrored wardrobe............
 Is actually a bathtub!

 This is a 1919 movie theater camera from the towns original movie theater

 Yes, they even brought in an old fire tower to put on display......
 And this....this is and outhouse!   2 story. Yep. Okay only one story was used at a time.  In the winter when the snow was high and covered the first story, you used the outhouse from the 2nd story!!
 Did I mention we stayed at Deer Haven RV Park in Saratoga?  Well it certainly lived up to it's name.  We had deer roaming through the park morning and evenings.  Cool!


  1. LOVE the 2 story outhouse! I too had never heard of a bathtub in a cabinet and just a week ago saw one on TV! Glad you missed the floods.

  2. Well apparently the bathtub idea has been around a while....guess it would work well for small bathrooms!;)


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