Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Myrtle Creek OR, last of the Redcrest CA area pics

This is the last batch of Redcrest area pics I am going to share so I can move on to our current location. I wish I could pass on not just some of the sights but also the sounds and smell of the area.  Not the sounds of traffic but the wind in the trees and the creaking as they swayed....very cool.

an interesting growth, probably growing from the roots of a redwood as are the little trees around it

yes, it is a redwood RV.  made from the trunk of a redwood

it was driven around the country by the guy who made it to bring attention to the diminishing redwood situation many years ago

all the comforts of home!

this interesting looking tree is an albino redwood!  growing from the root of its parent and barely clinging to survival

a pretty damsel fly

note the bark growing in a spiraling fashion on these trees

you can see stumps from several giants cut down in this forest but lots of new growth and they do grow big and fast if given the opportunity!

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