Friday, June 8, 2012

Redcrest CA, more redwood forest

Today we hiked another 7.5 miles to make our total so far this week about 20 miles.  It is so beautiful, there are so many trails and the hiking is fairly easy because you are walking on the forest floor which is slightly spongey and easier on the feet.  It is also more slippery and one must be careful on hills and inclines.  It feels so good to be out in the crisp air with the smell of the trees and all the flora.  It really is great walking weather, low 60s.

You will see what look like repeats in all the pics I will be putting up from this area but they are not.  Just me trying to get another tree in a different light or time of day.

looking through the rootball and trunk of a dead tree

marker showing the flood of 64,  crazy to think this area was underwater!

can you see Mike on the right near the root ball?

there he is!  We figure that was about 200 ft and I was not at the top of the tree by far

deer by the roadside

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