Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Redcrest CA

Yes, we not only found a local wine, we drove by the vineyard which is nearby.  The wine is a pinot noir and was pretty good!

this herd, mostly females and young males, like this particular area outside the national park in the evenings

must be interesting to have an elk herd in your yard on a daily basis!

the cat seems a bit uncomfortable

Note Redcrest on the label, we have found 2007 to have been a consistently good grape year!

the vineyards where the pinot came from with redwoods in the background, cool

bridge crossing the Eel River

had not seen this type of fern before if that is what it is

this full grown tree is not a redwood but has grown from a rootball of a redwood

kinda looks like he is smiling at us:)

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