Friday, June 15, 2012

Redcrest CA, last day

Cheers everyone!!
We move on tomorrow into Oregon as we work our way up toward spending a month near my daughter, Felicia, and son-in-law, Jeff in Ridgeland, WA.

Once more I must tear myself away from a beautiful area of our amazing country!  It has been wonderful here as in all places so far.  We are so fortunate!:)  I think about how fortunate every day. I look forward to our next beautiful location!  In the mean time, here are some more pics from Eureka:

we popped into this art studio,  all one artist 

Oh look.....a pub

....and a pint......

.....and bread pudding!!....

could life get any better??

lost fishermen memorial at the marina

one of the locals

Maritime Museum

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