Saturday, June 9, 2012

Redcrest CA, a favorite hike

The pics you will see the next few days are from a wonderful day in the Redwood National/State Forest.  Yes, they share responsibility for this park.  We did what I think will go down as one of my favorite hikes!  It was amazing!  It was like walking through a scene in Jurassic Park without the dinosaurs, of course that would have been a nice touch were it possible;)

We also saw elk in the park. As a matter of fact, in the morning a herd was hanging out in back of some of the park employees homes so what we could see is in the picture below.  Later in the day we saw a lot more up close:

this is a "chimney" tree, it is a live tree that has been burned leaving a large room in the trunk and a chimney that you can look up and out when standing inside

Mike in the room

view from inside looking up the chimney

an elk herd laying in the grass behind the employees houses

What a great trail!

a new critter, saw lots of new things in this part of the forest

I love this pic

you have to admit these slugs are photogenic:)

I think this guy might be a centipede??

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