Thursday, June 7, 2012

Redcrest CA, Founders Grove

There is only 5% of the original estimated redwood forests left.  Most of the 95% fell to logging of course.    The way what is left has been  protected is by people with lots of money paying large sums of money for the preservation of a "grove" of trees.  As one drives through the Avenue of the Giants, you will see signs along the side of the road with usually a persons name on it and the word "grove" but sometimes it is an organization like the Founders Grove.  It was named for the people who "found" and fought to protect the redwoods.  We walked a few miles in and around the grove:

looking up 190 to the lower branches of the Founders tree, not impressive in diameter, only 12 ft across, but impressive in height at 346ft it is one of the tallest

this is the roots of the Dyerville Giant that fell in 1991, it was the second tallest redwood at the time, note the forest growing out of the rootball!

redwood sorrel is abundant in this grove, it looks like a carpet

these guys are everywhere, the banana slug

this trail went under a highway

the Eel River runs close by this grove

looking at Mike right through this tree.....

and its very much alive


  1. I'm loving reading your blog and looking at all your beautiful pictures. Thanks for taking me along.

  2. Me too! We plan on walking this later this week! I hear it can start to look drab in summer though. We'll be thre July 1-2.


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