Saturday, June 2, 2012

Redcrest CA, Made new friends

We are now in Redcrest, CA.  Arrived this afternoon for a 2 week stay.  We are in a campground right off a road called the Avenue of the Giants.  This is the giant redwood area and it is fantastic!

Need to finish up Cloverdale area though first.  2 days of pics from there.  So today a few more wineries and a nice couple from the Dallas, TX area that we met and shared the afternoon/evening with in Healdsburg.  Danette and Rodney Robertson actually live in Heath, TX, which I must look up when I get a sec.  We do hope to see them again someday.  It is nice making friendships all over the US!

sometimes the wineries are so small they get together in one tasting room

Mike, Keyna, Rodney and Danette

Rodney is talking redwood in the town square

That is a big tree!

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  1. This was a fun & memorable day. I keep telling our girls to make fun memories where ever they go & we sure did that day. We not only made memories but met good people and made friends.
    BTW The Paper Princess is me, Danette Robertson. lol! I love paper!


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