Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mrytle Creek OR, still in the redwoods

We spent the day shopping and trying to line up what we will be doing in this area but as I said yesterday, I have more redwood pics, and they must be shared;)  Oh yeah, we are back in wine country!

on a bank of the Eel River with redwoods in background

on this hike next to the river we crossed log bridges covered with....oh yes that is poison oak in the lower left corner

Mike on log bridge

view of the river from trail

little sorrel flower and poison oak in upper left corner

this was our path, again look at all the poison oak!!!

a successful bridge crossing!

see the jeep through the trees?

isn't this a pretty scene??

yes, you are beautiful!

note the little bird on horses back

morning clouds sitting on the trees

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