Monday, June 25, 2012

Coos Bay Or, last day in Myrtle Creek was a full one

As you can see, we have moved on to Coos Bay, OR.  It was a travel and shopping day so I can almost finish up Myrtle Creek!

Yesterday we checked out a little covered bridge in Myrtle Creek. I was excited because we actually got to drive across this led to the golf course.

Then we went looking for some rock art done by early American Indians that we learned of through a brochure at the info center.  We could find no one to give us exact directions to the place but decided to give it a try anyway as we could always visit a couple more waterfalls in the area.  We ended up going to the waterfall you see below, which was stunning, before we found the turn off the road where we did eventually find the rock art.

Neal Lane Bridge

This huge wooden tube is used to transport water to a power generating station nearby.  The leak you see is one of many....I guess enough water flow through to do the job anyway!

on the trail to Toketee Falls

lots of stairs but easier than no stairs!

terrific viewing platform, you could not get down to the falls

that columnar rock is basalt, stunning isn't it?

Medicine Creek rock art

very exciting at this site is the use of not only red ochre but also yellow and blue-green pigments made from other minerals

lots of different pines in the area from really large....

to pretty small!

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  1. What an awesome life you have! I love reading your blog! xo


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