Monday, June 4, 2012

Redcrest CA, final Cloverdale area pics

Must move on to where we are now and will after today.  We are so fortunate there is so much wonderful stuff to see and do that I can't keep caught up!

This is the last full day of Cloverdale and what an exciting day it turned out to be!  We Started off by going to the Charles Schultz museum in Santa Rosa.  Who does not know the Peanuts cartoon??  Of course we grew up with it so it was interesting to find out more about the man who devoted his life to it.  Schultz wrote the cartoon for 50 years!  Interestingly, when he passed away about 10 years ago, he had written his retirement farewell strip which ended up being published, unknowingly, on the day he actually died. Hmmmm

After returning to Cloverdale from the museum we stopped at a couple more wineries of course.  While at the second we saw and smelt smoke coming from a stand of trees several miles up the road.  Turns out it really was a forest fire and looked to be by the edge of the road we had been taking to go hiking at Lake Sonoma.  As you can see from the pics, we stopped to observe from a safe distance from the parking lot of a winery across the way.  It was fascinating to watch the helicopter go back and forth to the lake filling up the water bucket to dump on the fire.  Fortunately, they seemed to get it under control very quickly.  Lucky this time.

this is a mural of a typical Peanuts scene made from 8000 Peanuts comic strips

Schultzs office

winery dogs.....these two were bigggg!

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